a love story

I finally watched this last night and highly recommend it. Although it will kind of make you hate the world for a bit. There is so much corruption and corporate greed in America. It’s unbelievable how destructive the banks are over there. There was one line in the movie that sticks out to me. It’s that, “everyday they [people working on Wall St] go to work, they are destroying the world.” Which is true. VIP’s don’t have to pay fee’s or intrest on loans. People make bets on your mortgage. Corporations you work for take out life insurance for you so that when you die, they make a profit. It’s terrible.

Michael Moore makes some really excellent juxtapositions, like listening to a decription of the corruption of Ancient Rome whilst looking at images of America today. It’s brilliant but disgusting at the same time.

Even though its about the economy [a word that generally makes me go “um…”], it is really interesting and engaging. I wish I could give Michael Moore a high five. This will have to do. You all must must must watch it!


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One Response to a love story

  1. andrea says:

    this is interesting! I look forward to watching it :)

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