i’m a fan

peppermint magazine. crafty, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

hand drawn typography

the philosophy of andy warhol. strange and lovely.


About blairelizabeth

aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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2 Responses to i’m a fan

  1. paul says:

    10 things that make me love your blog
    1. We love the same things in music, design, art and books
    2. I love lists
    3. I can cook macaroons
    4. I love loving things
    5. I love your style
    6. I’m listening to the Smiths right now
    7. I love Zooey Deschanel
    8. I love girls who like Zooey Deschanel
    9. I want a Super Nintendo too ( i bought a NES last month)
    10. I love the idea that you live in the southern hemisphere (am i correct?)

  2. andrea says:

    I declare myself a fan of hand drawn typography too :)

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