mildly ridiculous

A phone conversation with my boss at work.
“This is Blair speaking.”
“Oh is this Helen?”
“No, it’s Blair.”
“Oh, is you’re mum in?”
“…Uh, there’s a meeting in the cafe today…” (he panicked and changed the subject. haha)
Is my mum in? Um, no. Because she DOES NOT WORK HERE.
What the?

Also, to everyone who drinks coffee, when the barista asks you “What would you like?”
Don’t reply with, “Uh, a coffee of some sort.”
And to add to that, when the barista asks “A Flat White or a Latte?”
Don’t reply with, “Yes.”


About blairelizabeth

aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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3 Responses to mildly ridiculous

  1. Jus says:

    love the implication that you sound like a small child on the phone :P

  2. Emily says:

    Nice new page header thing!

  3. joshcrampton says:

    was it Simon that answered yes to the “A Flat White or a Latte?” question?

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