New York City Cops

I am finally going.

I bought three of the 35, 000 tickets on sale. Oh. So. Excited.

So I thought I’d start a series of tributes to the bands I cannot wait to see.

tribute one

The Strokes


I remember when I first heard ‘Is this it?’ I was instantly in dancing around the room singing into my moisturiser bottle (I couldn’t find my hairbrush). At the time, I was only really aware of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Regina Spektor. I was right at the beginning of my love affair with music and I was more than happy to learn that there was a whole world of excellent music that I hadn’t discovered yet.

The Strokes hold a lot of memories for me. One of my best friends bought the ‘Room on Fire’ album before I did and was in the process of showing me ‘Reptillia’ whilst driving, when a seemingly blind driver pulled out of a driveway without looking. So now The Strokes will always be associated with her first car accident.

I had lent ‘Is this it?’ to a friend and they returned it at church. My friend Hannah leant over and looked at the cover and asked if it was a picture of someone’s knee. I had to reply “Um…no.” Leaving Han to figure out the correct body part on her own. (I didn’t want to vocalise it. I was in church after all). I knew that she’d figured it out when she replied with an “Oh.”

I also got my top Guitar Hero score in the song ‘Reptillia’. 100%, 963 note streak, expert…on Bass mind you, but still. It counts.

Yes, I am a nerd.

I did get tickets to their sideshow in Melbourne, but it’s on the same night as the first night of Splendour in the Grass.

I was going to find a Strokes clip and post it here, but then I found this.



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One Response to New York City Cops

  1. Geoff says:

    Expert! Respect to that!

    I must admit that I never quite understood what was so great about the strokes until I went back and had a re-listen a few years ago. Too good.

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