Something that makes me mad…

Bertie Blackman’s cover of Peek-a-boo by Siouxsie and the Banshees. She made the music crap and just sang the same sort of way Siouxsie did. Except badly.


not awesome.


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3 Responses to Something that makes me mad…

  1. Stephen Said says:

    Ah, Siouxsie! That takes me back. What a woman. What a band. Nuff now, back to work.

  2. Jus says:

    haha. heard that song on the way home form work the other day. it is pretty bad.

    did you get to listen to OK GO talking about playing with Black Francis? Sounded hella fun.

    and apparently they did a pixies like a version today. didn’t hear it cos i get to work too fast…

  3. Shahla Ghobadi says:

    Thanks for recommending this, i didnt know this band. btw, the pictures in the previous post are awesome.

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