10 things

toy cameras

Oh dear. I want them rather badly.

blackboard walls

Whip It. A truly wonderful movie. It makes me want to take up roller skating.

gig posters

crochet blankets

Spoon. I wish I could afford to see them live.

Zooey Deschanel’s clothes in 500 Days of Summer (also a lovely movie).

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s

beautiful typography

these colours


About blairelizabeth

aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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One Response to 10 things

  1. lis says:

    you have such a taste to choose everything!

    zooey deschannel, shes soo beautiful, but she is not adorable. she’s like a bit bitchie, personal opinion.
    spoon is great also blackboard walls =)

    i haven’t watch Whip, i didn’t have much faith in it, but now i will watch it =)

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