What a day that was…

1. Big Day Out.

It was actually amazing. I took 191 photos of Muse. I am madly in love with them.

2. I unenrolled from the Arts degree.

3. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Design degree. (SCARY!)

4. I made an epic Pumpkin Pie.

5. I saw Ben and Dusk tie the knot.

6. I went to my parents place and saw my baby sister who is not actually a baby anymore (ALSO SCARY!).

7. I started dreaming about a Soul Survivor market stall again…

Thanks Bec for the photo!

8. I started living off Vegemite on toast. Yum. And cheap.

Hmmm…that’s all.


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aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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6 Responses to What a day that was…

  1. the pumpkin pie looks EPIC!!! lol

  2. Bec Matheson says:

    Hey hey,
    let me know if you need books. There aren’t (weren’t) very many. But you can borrow mine if you like – I would like to keep them (eventually) and you may want to buy them. There is a typography one they strongly recommend. And I also probably have a reader or two lying around – although check they haven’t changed them. I also have a decent shelf worth of other designy books.

  3. Bec Matheson says:

    did you use my pumpkin pie recipe?? :P And was it good?

  4. blairelizabeth says:

    Depending on how I go with centrelink I might take you up on that offer :)

    Also, I did use your recipe – but I didn’t get to eat ANY! I made it for Ben and Dusk’s wedding and it was all gone before I realised it was being served. I am devestated. But that just means I’ll just have to make it again. What a shame…

  5. Jus says:

    just realised that i uber fail at commenting on your blog which is nasty, considering how faithful you are with mine.

    it is worth clarifying that if i didn’t realise that you were talking about several different ‘days’, that i might explode from the sheer volume of THINGS you achieved, while going to BDO…

    i love reading the stuff written here. even when it makes me jealous for not being there :P

  6. blairelizabeth says:


    It was just going to be a BDO post and then i got carried away…lol

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