another list

This has been a pretty large week so far. So I’ll condense it into a list (win! win! win!).

* I have lost many hours of sleep thanks to Chuck.

* I am sick. Sore throats are super lame.

* I had book club on Monday and we are officially done with Lolita. I have read it twice now and have no plans to read it ever again. The writing is beautiful, but the content is just horrific. The next book we are to read is ‘The Secret History’ by Donna Tartt.

* I have eaten sweet potato and marshmallows and I found it to be quite delicious. Although I wouldn’t be able to eat too much of it.

* I saw Where the Wild Things Are at the Moonlight Cinema. So much fun. Especially when you bring a hot thermos full of Chai tea. Yum yum yum!

* I have just realised me need to emphasise my point by repeating a word three times. Curious.

* I got into a Communication Design course at Uni and I am going to take it instead of doing an Arts degree. It’s majorly freaking me out because I haven’t really pushed myself in this area for AGES and studying with heaps of other people who are talented at this sort of thing is kind of daunting. I think I can do it. It’ll just take a lot of hard work…and folios. Oh, I love folios!

* I am going to see Laura Marling tomorrow night. How lovely.

* I’d also like to point out that next Tuesday I’m going to BIG DAY OUT. Where I will be seeing Matt FREAKING Bellamy on stage. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm….that’s all.


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One Response to another list

  1. Bec Matheson says:

    My dear girl. Get used to feeling overwhelmed in a sea of talent. It lasts the whole 3 years. Just find something you’re good at wave that flag (in your mind to keep yourself sane) and learn from everyone else.

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