Can I recommend this brilliant show ‘Chuck’?

It’s about a lovely nerdy guy who appreciates good music, video games, and a lot of sci-fi. Unfortunately for him (but fortunate for us) he gets sent all the governments secrets which have been documented in encrypted images and they are downloaded into his brain. The original computer where these secrets are stored was blown up by his arch nemesis/rogue CIA agent Bryce Larkin (he is such a tool). Thus the story begins. Two agents, one from CIA and one from NSA, Sarah and Casey are assigned to protect him until the new computer is up and running.

I adore it. I am a quarter of the way through season 2 and Chuck Bartowski is getting dangerously close to Jim Halpert (American Office) in loveliness status.

You all really really MUST WATCH IT!


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  1. stefan says:

    linda esta foto é muito legal

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