10 things I love

1. This picture…

Thanks Justin!

2. Seeing The Middle East live. So beautiful – I really recommend that you listen to them RIGHT NOW!

3. How winter is still going even though we are 1 and a half months into spring. :)
day light by Tim AIlen.

4. Wigs!

5. Emiliana Torrini is playing at the Forum on the 2nd of Jan. Tickets go on sale 23 Oct. I hope I get some!
emiliana torrini

6. B0000000m! So lovely.

7. Skins Night!

8. This picture…
my way by Julia Lillqvist.

9. Colour coordinated bookshelves. Don’t worry Kyla. I won’t do it…yet.

10.  My friend Lizy’s art. So good!


About blairelizabeth

aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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2 Responses to 10 things I love

  1. PickFour says:

    I love the pictures you posted. Very cool.

    I was confused at first when you said that it was winter going into spring, then I realized you probably live in a different hemesphere. lol silly me >.<

    Cool blog!


  2. kyla says:

    The colour coordinated bookshelves made me want to cry a little bit… That first picture is great, though! As is Emiliana! I’m sooooo excited! I love her so very much!

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