10 things I love

number one
My little sisters 11th birthday!


number two
The Pixies are coming to Melbourne next March!

number three
I love Bollywood.

One of the greatest dance moves known to man

number four
N.E.E.T. magazine (it’s a lovely webzine).

number five
Picnic weather.

picnic by Bordons.

number six
Ravens (nevermore).


number seven
Zooey Deschanel’s fake band ‘Munchausen By Proxy’ (from the movie ‘Yes Man’). I wish they were real!

number eight
Getting Blueprint Festival tickets in the mail.


number nine
Fake wood paper

number ten
Power Pig‘s photography (thanks Justin!)

Aren't you a little short... by powerpig.       The Mad Hatter by powerpig.

Mini Pok by powerpig.


About blairelizabeth

aspiring designer, lover of words, music junkie
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One Response to 10 things I love

  1. Ben says:

    Went and checked out the lego photography. Twas awesome! Good work on revealing that to me.

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