The smell of the warm summer air

I made a new discovery recently.

And that is that God likes Radiohead.
Thom and Jonny

No really, He does!

I’ve been avoiding listening to them a bit lately because I know that they tend to make me a little depressed. All I need to hear is “You and whose army?” on a bad day and I’m gone. But on the way home from work last week I decided to listen to “15 Steps”. But instead of getting all melancholy, I actually felt happy. 

This may be a bit hard to understand for people who don’t love music as much as I do, but I have a very deep emotional connection with music. I find it very hard to separate it from myself. Sounds bizarre but that’s just me.

So when I was listening  to “15 Steps”, which really is a cracking song, I was overwhelmed with the urge to dance, scream, cry, curl into a ball, grin like a manic, laugh and do various other embarrassing things that you shouldn’t do at a bus stop. I could feel God. All around me. It is a really hard feeling to explain. But I just knew it was Him. I felt optimistic. I felt joy. For a very brief three minutes, I felt hopeful.

See, God likes them. He used them to speak to me didn’t he?


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