10 things I love…Friday

Yeah yeah. I know. It’s Saturday. I couldn’t do this last night because I went to Dave’s to appreciate new music…which leads me to number one.

1. Arctic Monkeys new album, Humbug. I love this album and have been listening to it non-stop all morning. The album art is pretty lovely too. I just wish Alex and Jamie would cut their hair. Ha ha.
Humbug, Arctic Monkeys

2. My new Threadless tee.

3. Working at Tear on Mondays. Lovelovelove. This involves me going into the Tear office, and being part of the Vic Youth/Young Adults team.
TearSo aside from having a weekly bible study with two people I highly respect and view as role models, I get to participate in organize ways that young adults can connect creativity with helping people in third world countries. Also, I don’t have to go to work. Ha ha. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity. Even filling out paperwork feels refreshing and exciting. I am so glad that after two years of working, eating and sleeping, I am finally doing something.

4. My new Instamatic camera I picked up from the op shop for $2. It’s just like Amelie’s!

5. The Buzzcocks are coming to Melbourne in November and are playing their first 2 albums from start to finish only!
The Buzzcocks

6. My new boots. (Marita, I’m standing on our new rug.)

7. Getting into the first round of tickets for Meredith Music Festival.

8. Strangely, brick walls.
Brick wall

9. My own Drum Kit! (pictures coming soon)

10. These two getting engaged!!!
Annora and Ben


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One Response to 10 things I love…Friday

  1. Marita says:

    I love this blog!! Yay for all those thing and agreed with Jamie and Alex getting hair cut. Also Meredith??? Please tell me who’s playing as i may want to come along if possible. And i love ur boots and new rug. And YAY FOR TEAR!!! That is so exciting! I am super excited for you. Will talk soon. yay. xox

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