All I need

So I made my epic trip to JB Hi-Fi yesterday and came back with 12 lovely CD’s.

They are:

Crystal Castles, Crystal CastlesModern Guilt, Beck

Narrow Stairs, Death Cab For CutiePrimary Colours, Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Walking on a Dream, Empire of the SunJuno Soundtrack

Saturdays = Youth, M83Absolution, Muse
Beams, The PresetsIn Rainbows, Radiohead

Pablo Honey, RadioheadDreams, Whitest Boy Alive

I am so very happy! I now own all the Radiohead albums!


About blair

Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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2 Responses to All I need

  1. Geoff says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t get In Rainbows back when you could pay what you wanted for it.

    I didn’t either mind you.

  2. blair says:

    I felt bad…
    plus I like owning the actual cd. It gives me a large amount of satisfaction to be able to look at my many piles of cds.

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