Let’s Go!

Boat That rockedI saw ‘The Boat That Rocked’ the other day and have not stopped thinking about it from the moment I left the cinema.

It has added itself to the list of my favourite movies along side ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘BBC Pride & Prejudice’, ‘The Royal Tennenbaums’ and ‘Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back’.

Brilliant music + English accents + fantastic costumes + British humor = a rather fantastic movie.

I was fortunate enough to watch it in an empty cinema so Kyla and I could dance like maniacs in peace and sigh loudly at the same time.

It was one of those movies where you could step into the screen and live there.

I should stop myself before I start gushing about the rebellion of rock music in the 60s. Ha.

I went and saw Arj Barker on Wednesday and while he was rather funny, it did remind me why I love British humor more than American. In all fairness though, he did make a few rather amusing font jokes. I wish ‘Sarcastica’ actually existed. Sigh.

67_647px-nintendo_64_logo_svgI got a rather brilliant present from a bunch of my friends this year. My own Nintendo 64 with a bunch of games – including Mario Kart (!!!) and Super Mario (and I’m planning to do that without the walk through Jake :P). The controller is a bit dodgy (sorry guys!) and will only allow me to casually walk so I’m going to have to find a new one. But apart from that…HAPPY!

Just a quick note though to say how much I adore the Howling Bells. I wish I had her voice. I also wish I was lucky enough to have a cousin that would give me a free ticket to the V festival so I could see them live! Damn you Marita (not really, lol)!


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Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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4 Responses to Let’s Go!

  1. Emily says:

    oh my!….I saw the boat that rocked yesterday…..heaven!
    I should write an ode to it!

  2. alexnader says:

    lol well, even Mum couldn’t find all the 8 red coins in red-coin-levels without walkthroughs.

  3. blair says:

    Yeah, well who finished Paper Mario without a walk through? Um, that would be me!

  4. Marita says:

    Yes cousins who give u fantastic V fest tickets are wonderful. But if you want to relive my experience i put up a video of the howling bells and a few others on facebook for when ur at home with nothing better to do. :P

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