A Gushing Sunset

I was reading Bec’s blog and came across this post. I thought it looked fun and decided to give it a go.



The idea is, you go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article, and that’s your band’s name.

Then you go to Wikiquote and click on Random Page. The quote at the bottom of the page is your albums name.

Lastly, go to Flickr and click on Last Seven Days. The third picture from the left is your album cover.

I agree with Bec, it is a lot of fun to cheat!


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Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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11 Responses to A Gushing Sunset

  1. Ben says:

    Band: Antipop
    Album: I Think I’ll Have A Drink
    Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29366845@N00/3325350608/

    Dunno if it counts as cheating, but the first time I did quote, I got the page 1985 and “Wikiquote has not come to a consensus for a reasonable quote that should fill this time period”. Definitely skipped that one.

  2. blair says:

    Hey, I really like that picture!

  3. Ben says:

    Yeh so do I. I don’t even know what art you like, but for some reason presumed you may appreciate it.

    I totally want my walls to look like that. If only I were artistic, and everything I do craftwise usually ends up on fire.

    I blame it on my art teacher stomping my first fleet boat made from paddlepop sticks back in Grade 3. But, honestly, what did she expect? Of course we were rowdy. It was the day we first learnt the word ‘boner’. Fool.

  4. Kyla says:

    That picture is awesome. Blair, when we have children we should decorate their rooms like this.

  5. Kyla says:

    Have just done the wikipedia/flickr thing.
    Band name: Hervé Le Tellier
    How very misleading.. Anyone would think I was French

    Album name: “STONE COLD” (shouted repeatedly)
    Hahahahahahahaha…. hahaha… fun.

    Picture: http://flickr.com/photos/buttercupdays/3322987862/ (I really like it… I don’t know how to make it clicky, but you can probably copy and paste)

  6. Kyla says:

    Hey look! It makes itself clicky when you post it. Good work, internet.

  7. Ben says:

    My picture’s better Kyla. Also… having children together? Was ist das?

  8. blair says:

    Kyla, I think your band seems very emo. Ha. But the pic is cool.
    Also, I’m not all that sure I want to have children with you.

  9. Kyla says:

    It’s not emo! It’s French.. Stone Cold may be slightly emo if it wasn’t so cool. I mean seriously, if a CD was called ‘ “STONE COLD” (shouted repeatedly)’ that would be awesome. You’re just jealous.

    …and as if you don’t want my babies.

  10. blair says:

    um. I don’t want to have my children exposed to someone who enjoys the sound of ‘stone cold’ being shouted repetitively

  11. Kyla says:

    well you’re children will be exposed to me whether I am their parent of not. And I don’t like it actually being shouted repeatedly… I just like having that written in brackets. It entertains me.

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