The Fun in Every Start

I know I know! It’s been a long time. But nothing has really happened for ages.

I am still working as a barista.

I am still buying ridiculous amounts of CD’s.

I am still living at home.

And I am still subjected to my dad’s weekly Matrix fix.

In fact, guess what he’s watching right now.


I was supposed to go to see The Wombats last Wednesday but they cancelled so I was forced to go to dinner in Brunswick Street (Oh! The Horror!) where Kyla and I spent a good 10 minutes discussing how the ‘flavoured’ water tasted like mint and cucumber…only to discover someones Eclipse mint at the bottom of the water jug. Disgusting but funny.

The next day Emily, Ana and I went in to the city at 3pm because we were going to see Vampire Weekend that night (Who didn’t cancel by the way). We soon realised that it was a very stupid decision to go in that early as we were to too tired/hungry. So we spent the bulk of the afternoon jumping from venue to venue, eating and drinking whatever was in our path. Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks (Yes, Starbucks), Time Out in Fed Square, a little cafe/bar in St Kilda and the Prince Bandroom (Where Vampire Weekend were playing). What an accomplishment! The band were very good – we all had lost of fun singing the wrong words along with Ezra Koenig, the charming and not unattractive frontman.

Surprisingly the support band Little Red were quite good…Well actually, they were wonderful. I highly recommend that you check them out. I am a particular fan of the song Misty, I. The bass is fantastic!

The following night I bought 6 tickets for me and some of my wonderful friends to go and see THE GRATES!Needless to say, I am very excited.

I also heard some wonderful news on Triple J the other day that the absolutely wonderful FRANZ FERDINAND are playing at Falls Festival in Tassie at the end of the year. I am crossing my fingers so hard that they are in danger of falling off that they will come to Melbourne. Oh. I love them.

The numerous CD’s of bought in the last month or so are:

Age of the Understatement, The Last Shadow Puppets

A Book Like This, Angus and Julia Stone

Nevermind, Nirvana

Ok Computer, Radiohead

Hail to the Thief, Radiohead

In Ghost Colours, Cut Copy

We Started Nothing, The Ting Tings

Neon Bible, Arcade Fire

Apocalypso, The Presets

Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, The Grates

Hmmmm. It’s a bit much isn’t it?


About blair

Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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One Response to The Fun in Every Start

  1. Kyla says:

    You are such a music nerd! Also, we are so cool.. we could pretty much be professional water connosiers… Mint and cucumber, indeed!

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