Is your bed made? Is your sweater on?

Week 2 of housesitting is going quite nicely. We have officially gone through our grocery money and will know have to start burrowing into our own accounts. But apart from that I am enjoying it immensely.

I have introduced Kyla to the wonderful Gilbert Blythe. We have decided that he is officially the number one romantic lead of all time. It was quite entertaining as we both frequently shouted “I love you Gilbert!” and “Marry me Gilbert!” at the TV.

I have almost read all of the books that I brought with me which is bad news as that means I will have to go to the library to borrow some and face the library fines I have accumulated from not returning 4 CD’s for 5 WEEKS! Oops.

Angus and Julia Stone last Wednesday was AMAZING. I am madly in love with Angus and I thought Julia was gorgeous. She was in the habit of dancing around the stage in her big white dress. It was fun. The night’s enjoyment was enhanced by the weird guy standing in front of us who danced rather strangely and made facial expressions to match. The best part was when he started using his hands when he danced. HA HA HA! I LOST it.

Another addition to “Albums you should listen to before you die” is Renegades by Rage Against the Machine. You cannot listen to it without wanting to mosh along. Ha! I am sure you’re head is now filled with an amusing image of me in a mosh pit. I am having a little giggle myself at that thought. He he. I can’t really see myself doing that in the near future. Lol.


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Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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