Return of the Jedi

Yes I am back, and a huge chunk of stuff has happened.

Here is the last 3 weeks in point form, because that is nice and easy.

  • Soul Survivor, was…different. I liked it. Just in a different way than I expected. It was more toned down and quieter. It was a more serious week (for me at least). I was able to sing a worship song without critiquing every word. I actually couldn’t wait to leave because I wanted to get out into the world and do something about all the crap that is happening in this world. I spent quite a while praying “Please God, help me to find a job so I can actually get going with this whole moving out plan.” And do you know what? He did. The next day I got a call to say that I had got a job as a coffee barista. So thank you God. :) Oh and I sold 13 paintings!
  • My family went away on holiday leaving me alone at home. At the start I was really lonely, but as the week progressed I got used to it and had a few friends over.
  • I got stuck at Camberwell on that stupid windy day. I left work at 3, got to Camberwell at 10 to 4, and got home at 8. Yuk. If it hadn’t of been for my wonderful friend Marita, I would have been stuck there for a very long time.
  • I had my Barista training, which involved frothing milk and drawing pictures in  the froth. Sadly I have already been a little put off coffee. At the training we were just continuously making coffee. We didn’t drink it (I wouldn’t have been able to sleep for a few weeks if I had), we just tipped it all in a bucket. So when ever I look at a coffee now, all I see is a huge sloppy mess of cold froth and coffee. Mmmm, appetising.
  • I invited a few pplover and had a board games night. Compared withmy last encounter with YITSers, I had an extremely pleasant time. Kyla and I were quite…um…merry.  We ended up watching Beauty and the Beast (a wonderful wonderful movie, the only Disney Princess movie with good morals) and Die Hard 4.0 (a numbing series of car chases and shoot outs). We all had 3hrs sleep and then went to Vineyard. Which despite the sermon being more of a lecture, I kind of enjoyed. I went home cleaned up the disgusting mess and watched Across the Universe. I enjoyed Jim Sturgess very much. Ha ha.
  • I had my last day at Linear Financial. Oh Joy! No more filing for me thank you very much! It was so satisfying to walk out of those doors.
  • I graduated from YITS. Which meant I had to sit through 2 of the most boring hours of my life on a stage where everyone could see you so you couldn’t really talk that much. The only highlight of the ceremony was the fact that our gowns made us look like we were from Hogwarts and therefore I spent a large amount of time during the rehearsals casting spells on my fellow graduands.
  • Yesterday was my 19th birthday. Yesterday was also graduation, so that spoiled things a little. I got money, Muriels Wedding, the Triple J Hottest 100 CD (thanks Dave), a gorgeous set of all of the Jane Austen novels, and a rather entertaining pair of pyjamas with phrases written on them such as, “tall tree planting continuing it in becomes”. A bunch of friend joined me for dinner where I enjoyed some amazing Garlic Prawns. We later proceeded onto Cold Rock where I ate a mixture of Lemon Sorbet, strawberries and sherbet. Yum. I then went to Emily’s where she, Hannah and I sat on Em’s bed with cups of tea and watched Gilmore Girls. It was lovely.

And so there it is. A rough summary of my life lately. Entertaining? Not really.

P.S I bought some new CDs: Love is Stronger than Death by Justin Grounds, Empire by Kasabian and Hottest 100. All are amazing. I definitly recommend buying them.


About blair

Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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2 Responses to Return of the Jedi

  1. emmi123 says:

    you better wear those pj’s ….it will be golden…and if you deem yourself above them, leave them at my house for when you come over…give the giraffes a rest, and when i’m feeling lonely and down i can look at them and laugh…the world a much brighter place

  2. blackingoutthefiction says:

    that part about casting spells made me laugh!
    hope u had a great birthday, sorry i didnt stay at cold rock. the party was rather boring, just so you know! and gilmore girls ehhh, said minus a sarcastic attachment, ahahah! xoxoxo

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