It starts stopping when it stops stopping…

Well, watch me go. As you all know, I am not reading fiction until I get a job. Well now I have added another thing to my list.

Yesterday afternoon, after a rather humiliating episode which I will not enter into, I found myself with two and a half hours to kill. I was in Lilydale so I decided to walk to the local Subway, have an EXTREMELY early dinner and read my non-fiction book (Prayer: Does it make a difference, Philip Yancy) whilst listening to Talking Heads on my iPod. The author was talking about arguing with God and getting answers, and mentioned characters in the Bible that fasted in prayer to receive some sort of answer from God. And it hit me. I want answers…I NEED answers!

To be honest my life isn’t going that well at the moment – I am stuck in a rut. I need God to help me get out of that rut, because I certainly can’t do it on my own, as I’ve learnt these past 2 months.

So what could I fast? I wanted it to be something that definitely meant a lot. I could give up junk food or coffee or whatever, but I know that I could live without that. One of my main passions in life isn’t food. The only thing that really came to mind is music. I am absolutly MAD about music. I have to listen to it wherever I go. I never leave home without my iPod.

So that’s what I’m doing. I fasting from music. 



And I’m doing it until I hear SOMETHING from God. This means NO iPod, NO CD’s and NO iTunes. I will allow gigs, but that’s it.

I’m going to die.

Pray for me.

Oh and can someone PLEASE listen to some Strokes for me? Oh! How I crave them! And I haven’t even been fasting for a day yet!


About blair

Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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5 Responses to It starts stopping when it stops stopping…

  1. emmi123 says:

    Blair…can i just say…i’m incredibly impressed!!! wooh for blair…i hope it works for you
    but you must be incredibly disciplined…i know how much you love music, i’m proud of you :)

  2. stephenh says:

    rofl good luck

  3. Davo says:

    great work blair, this would be like me fasting cricket, it would suck! i really hope you can learn something from this and that god hurry’s up and gives you something to work with!

  4. Kyla says:

    I’m shocked and amazed. Darling, your willpower must be amazing to go without music and novels… I also would die… I’ll be praying for strength for you, and that God will reveal some truth and direction in your life. Keep it up…

  5. kat says:

    go blair! i’ll definitely be praying for you, but can i just say how proud i am of you for being brave enough to cut music out!!! keep filling us in…i’m excited for you!

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