“I found a job” – David Byrne

…well, not a job, but I know what I’m gonna do next year.

And that is a Bachelor of Theology at Tabor College. Wow. I so did not expect that. Considering a mere 3hrs earlier that I considered it,  I said most forcefully that I would never study at Bible College again.

My Text and Trad friends will be so happy…I am hoping to become a theologian worth my salt!!!


So YITS has finished. The end of an era. All that is left is next weeks End-of-Year camp. That makes me sad. But I guess I am excited about next week though. 

There is this sense of, now that we’re all equipped, going out and making a difference. I am so excited to see what everyone is going to become. I can’t wait for 10 years time when I hear what all my YITS friends have done for the kingdom.

Thursday night was the formal and I actually danced. Shock! Horror! Nah, I had fun. I was confronted that night with all the little things that I would miss. Like the fact that I will rarely see Kat and Ryan together and that means I can’t bag them out much anymore. Or I wont be able to discuss 80’s classics with Domi anymore. :(

It sounds dumb, but I wil miss them. I know that I will probably cry, but It won’t be absolutly devastating. I know that I will be able to move on. It’s funny how far I’ve come this year. At the start I wasn’t even sure that there was a God and now, not only am I certain, I am able to trust God so much more. I know he will take care of me and that there is so much more to life than me and my little probelms. God is bigger than that.

My part in this Kingdom is bigger than that.


About blair

Generally described as "a bit odd", loves books, adores music, thinks movies are wonderful and is rather attatched to art.
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One Response to “I found a job” – David Byrne

  1. Davo says:

    Yeah well the crying thing was always gonna happen wasnt it! I mean even i did! Its good to see that you have come so far this year blair, and as you are looking forward to seeing what others will do for the kingdom, so we are greatly ANTICIPATING what you will do! Congratulations, you get it more then me, thats for sure!

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