day ninety four
Original Pokemon Theme Song
I stayed home sick today, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and re-watch a few old Pokemon episodes (the first season) and was delighted to find that it is still as awesome as I remember! This theme is so so catchy! I love Pokemon! And Misty! And Pikachu!

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day ninety three
Hyper Music, Muse.

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day ninety two
I Don’t Like it like This, The Radio Dept.
So exhausted and a little bit sick (not good). Only 15 days till I leave for India. And I still have SO MUCH TO DO!

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day ninety one
Home, LCD Soundsystem
The last track on the last album by LCD Soundsystem. I am so glad I got to see them at Splendour before they stopped touring. They are really excellent. Also, how much do they sound like Talking Heads in this song (assuming that the people read this blog have listened to Talking Heads enough)???

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day ninety
Golden Cage, Whitest Boy Alive.
Calm and relaxing. After a really challenging but exciting day. I feel a bit freer and a bit more excited about the future. It’s time time to re-imagine a few things…

Oh and this clip is just awesome!

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day eighty nine
Sound of Settling, Death Cab for Cutie.
The O.C. + wine + a christmas tree + pizza = a glorious night in. I love Seth Cohen. Yes I am a giant girl. Ha ha.

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day eighty eight
Always, Junip.
This is band is a project of José González’ that he started 10 years ago! They’ve only just released the album. And it was well worth the wait. So catchy and lovely. They’re touring next year in Melbourne actually…

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